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I love reviewing a release from a band I've never heard of when the album turns out to be amazing! SHAME CLUB play blues-infected rock 'n' roll, combining elements of bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the like. Powerful hooklines and plenty of variety are two of the most outstanding trademarks of 'Come On' and as a result you won't find no boring tracks among the included twelve cuts. SHAME CLUB roll through their sound with a precision that only comes from solid practice and it's always really tight and heavy. Although they draw most of their influences from the 1970's, this band isn't trying to re-animate the vintage sound from the golden period of heavy rock. They have transmitted some of the best elements from that decade into the current time, and prove that good music is timeless. The entire vibe of 'Come On' is uplifting and very positive without becoming cheesy for a minute. SHAME CLUB show that not only dark music can be intense and that it's also important not to forget about the good things in life. So, the album title can also be seen as an advice to step out of the shadow and take a look at the bright sun. This album has been released through Small Stone Records in 2008 and as usual the label offers high quality. 'Come On' is definitely worth picking up and I bet these four guys are amazing live!