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SEX MUSEUM (Speedkings) CD

It was Ramon of the Spanish band Smoking Bird, who introduced me to another Spanish band, called SEX MUSEUM. When I visited their website, I was surprised about their output, which includes a lot of 7"s, compilation tracks and so on and a friend of mine owns two 7"'s of the band, too. So I wondered about myself, that I've never noticed this band somewhere before. But with this album, released last year in 2001 on Locomotive Music, I've got the chance to make up my own mind about SEX MUSEUM. And I was positvley surprised about the eleven songs on "Speedkings". Although this band is massive influenced from bands as the Stooges or the Sonics, they pumped up their sweaty 60's rock with Kyuss riffs, Hawkwind electronics and Atomic Rooster hammond organ energy. Not to forget the slight Glam Rock vibe. All this influences have been flown together to a well-oiled sound. My personal tips are the brilliant cover-version of the Purple classic "Speedking" or the moody groove-laden 60's psych pearl "Huxley", that's one of the best songs of this album.

"Det Sam" knows to surprise with a small reference to Sabbath, "Fumando Marihuana" is a heavy groovy rocker, close to mid-90's Monster Magnet, while "Psychofreak Musak" is a nearly 8 min. long instrumental spaced-out track. I can't compare this album to older material, but "Speedkings" is a highly entertaining album with very few lowlights and SEX MUSEUM have created an addictive rocking mixture, that should please every listener of 60's/70's influenced heavy rock. Yes, I love this album and I give you the advice to check out Spain's SEX MUSEUM at their high informative homepage.