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Hailing from West Virginia, SEVEN PLANETS is an instrumental band and this self-titled album is their second self-financed full-length, released in 2012. They deliver an eclectic mix of psychedelic blues and heavy rock, but there's more to discover. What's fun is that SEVEN PLANETS try to go their own ways. They pull this off so effortlessly that their playing never loses its light nonchalant touch. Sometimes it gets funky as in the case of 'Maish Done Wrung Me Out' or the band is moving towards psychedelic realms like e.g. in 'Objects In Space'. In doing this, SEVEN PLANETS largely abstain from retrograde practices - or in other words, they do not try to recreate the music of the 1960s and 1970s. To me, this album has a very timeless sound and it could also be from the 1980s or 1990s.

In terms of handcraft, SEVEN PLANETS also hits the spots, even if some of the songs sound a little stiff. For example, 'Lamont Starfield' is actually a very good tune with plenty of funk, which borders on Clutch territory. But the groove could be fuller and rounder, just as with the opening track 'Up On High'. It would be nice if SEVEN PLANETS will further improve in the future in this field. A singer is not necessarily missed, because the captivating performance of all four musicians makes sure that this album does not become boring.

And also the included eight tracks do not follow the same pattern. There are quiet moments that invite to relax and there are moments where SEVEN PLANETS rock out without the necessity of using super heavy power chords. This album is made with more subtly - as well as the arrangements and melodic direction. But also the nice album cover (made by Alexander von Wieding) is very decent and allows enough room for interpretation. Furthermore, SEVEN PLANETS place a great value on catchy melodies and technical sophistication, and this fits very well into their instrumental concept. So, if you're looking for something fresh and inspiring, check out this band and then you will probably buy this album.