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South America was always a fertile ground for hardrock, punk, metal, blues, and heavy psych. Since the late 60's a lot of very good bands emerged from there and today we have groups like Los Natas and La Ira De Dios, who belong to the South American ringleaders of the new wave of heavy psychedelic rock. Just like La Ira De Dios SERPENTINA SATELITE hail from Peru and 'Nothing To Say' is their second effort that has been released on Trip in Time in 2008. Without difficulty this album is carrying the listener back in time to the late 60's and make you feel as if you have taken a good hit from a big reefer. 'Nueva Ola' is a good introduction and unfolds a trippy mood with its ambient soundscapes. After that tasteful preparation this five guys reveal their liking for early Hawkwind without mutating into a boring replication. 'Nothing to Say' is a well-constructed song that contains not only a couple of bluesy riffs, but also a huge number of psychedelic effects. 'The Last Drop' combines the coolness of early Stooges with the musical audacity of Amon Düül while 'Madripoor' pursues this way.

The sparsely integrated vocals sound as if they were recorded in another dimension, what was really a good idea because the main focus here should be on the extended excursions of guitars, drums and bass. 'Kommune 1' is the last track here and it hypnotizes the listener with a total running time of more than 23 minutes. While the first four songs were almost too short to my taste, this epic journey through the endless widths of time and space owns the right running time to get lost on this trip. SERPENTINA SATELITE manage this monster of a song effortlessly, because they've integrated a lot of different paces, effects and moods so that it will be interesting like your first LSD experience. The entire production is perfect, due to its powerful and earthy sound, what can provoke the illusion that you sit in the rehearsel space of the band. Even here SERPENTINA SATELITE has chosen the most authentical way, because 'Nothing to Say' was mastered analogue in the legendary German Perplex Tonstudio, where Kraan, Guru Guru or Huun Huur Tu recorded their music, too. This EP (which isn't really an EP because it runs almost 50 minutes) is a must-have for all fans of heavy psych, played in its most ambitious way.