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Currently everything works well for Belgian heavy weights SERPENTCULT. After the successful release of their debut EP 'Trident Nor Fire' in 2007, the band got the chance to sign with Rise Above Records and 'Weight Of Light' is the first result of that liaison. The album ploughs on where the EP finished; it's soaked with super heavy riffs, complex song structures and all this is crowned by the intensive crystal clear vocals of Michelle Nocon. That causes a sharp contrast in SERPENTCULT's pitiless maelstrom, but again it works irreproachably and it's the main reason for the band's own musical identity. The production, handled by Billy Anderson, is considerably differentiated than on 'Trident Nor Fire', and although all string instrument are downtuned to earth's core, it's still possible to hear every fineness as for example the sporadically applied wah-wah effect on the bass. Maybe all this differences were an inspiration for the band to re-record 'Screams From the Deep' and 'Red Dawn' from 'Trident Nor Fire', although it would've been great to include two unknown tracks here. Among the eight songs one of my faves is the monumental riff building named 'Serpentcult', where the band works skilful with dynamics before they hulk up one riff after the other until you think that the song will burst because of all the injected energy. The last minutes of this monster showcases SERPENTCULT also from their psychedelic side, but don't expect any 60's sounds. This here is still super heavy-duty doom-tinged metal, refined with a very small dose of Celtic Frost. 'Weight Of Light' is a very good release, but I have a hunch that SERPENTCULT have more in store, especially because this is only their first full-length. If they proceed with such energy and ambition than it's possible that they will release a real masterpiece in their career. Please notice, that the vinyl edition contains a bonus 7".