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SERGEJ THE FREAK / DEVILLE (Sergej The Freak Meets Deville) Split-CD

New stuff from Daredevil Records for all those, who can’t get enough from fuzz.driven heavy rock, which is mainly influenced from Josh Homme’s Queens Of The Stone Age. This short description fits for both bands, especially for DEVILLE while SERGEJ THE FREAK are bit different in comparison.  They are more straight-forward and I find also traces of bands like Alice In Chains here, what gives their sound a slight 70‘s rock vibe, without really being something like that in the end. Both bands deliver eight cuts for this split-CD, and although I’ve never been the biggest fan of  the so-called „stonerrock“ genre, I must confess that DEVILLE as well as SERGEJ THE FREAK have more to offer than just fat and fuzzy wall-of-guitars.

This two Swedish (what else!) bands write extreme catchy songs, and among the successful results one can find tracks like  „Nothing Good“ or the psychedelic-sounding „Time Is Mine“ (SERGEJ THE FREAK) while DEVILLE knows to entertain me with the heavy opener „Hands Of Mine“ , „Seven“ which is a short but very atmospheric and laid-back number, or „Get It Right“. But some songs are a little bit to catchy for my taste, and due to the reason that I don’t like Queens Of The Stone Age I feel a little bit bored from their dominant influence here. For the case that you don’t share my opinion, than you should add this disc to your list. I guess, you won’t be disappointed!