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This is a brandnew Swedish band, formed in the summer of 2001 in Stockholm, but the members have played in other bands before during the last years, and especially bass player Wilbur must be well-known to all real Doom fans, due to the fact that he was in the line-up of the now legendary Count Raven. But SEMLAH are very different from his old band. There are more different tempo changes and more progressive sound-structures ("Serenity's Domain"). "Ruin" has a dark and heavy mood and it's still very doom-laden. SEMLAH are more Metal than 70`s Rock, though a few elements have found their way into songs. "The Downward Spiral" is filled with heaviest doom riffs, close to early Candlemass or Memento Mori and once again you can hear that SEMLAH are surely no bloody beginners."Silent Sermons in the Plastic Church" knows to impress with Oversoul-like riffs. Singer Joleni sings in the tradition of the classic Metal vocalists and gladly he avoids this "egg-less" parts. All five tracks are very promising and you can listen that SEMLAH are straight on the right way. Sometimes they are reminding me to Maryland band's as Unorthodox, Iron Man or Life Beyond and that's a huge compliment. With a thicker and stronger production SEMLAH will become a band you can count on. Maybe John Perez should sign them for his label Brainticket. I'm quite impressed about this twenty minutes long jewel!