SEDATED ANGEL (Far Beyond Repair) CD

The third, self-released effort from Denmark's SEDATED ANGEL belongs in a category of albums that one can neither love nor hate. Generally, 'Far Beyond Repair' incorporates some good ideas and covers a nice range of influences. Fuzz-driven heavy rock, which is mainly influenced by later Monster Magnet, Nebula or Kyuss, serves as a basis for a few occasional excursions into the land of psychedelic and space rock. Especially in such moments, SEDATED ANGEL achieve the best results and they reveal a tendency to progressive song structures. But of course they have also installed a nitro-oxide fuel injection so that they are able to push the throttle, if necessary. It has to be recognized that 'Far Beyond Repair' is a varied affair and demonstrates that this guys put their heart into their efforts.

However, this album leaves something to be desired. For one thing, the vocals are one of the weak points. A bit sad, because sometimes they fit very well as, for example, in 'Longest Time'. It's one of the best tracks which reminds the listener of Deep Purple or Uriah Heep due to an additional heavy hammond organ. But there also are those tracks where I really do miss a stronger vocalist. It might also help if they would reach consensus on only one singer instead of, as at present, sharing this job with almost the complete band. Unfortunately not everyone there is qualified for this issue.

I am also led to believe that SEDATED ANGEL try to incorporate as much riffs and ideas as possible in a few of the tunes. As a result, songs such as 'Expanded Horizon' appear as a pointless riff-orgy, while 'Could Never Leave' shows that they can do it much better. It's the most diversified track, including influences from progressive to space rock, and another personal favourite of mine. In all other respects, however, they need to improve their songwriting skills and there would be no harm in looking out for a more talented man behind the microphone. Furthermore, I would suggest to look out for more original riffs, and then the next album may possibly can find a place in a better category. Until then, there's only a little reason for me to listen more often to the ten songs from this album. As I have already said, SEDATED ANGEL is definitely a talented band, but unfortunately 'Far Beyond Driven' is only an average album, admittedly with an above-average production.