SEAMOUNT (Light II Truth) CD

It's about time to use the word underrated, because that is what SEAMOUNT are. Already the self-titled debut revealed the high potential of this German-American band whose heavy and virtuoso sound is influenced by a variety of different styles. Elements of 1970's hardrock are cleverly blended with Sabbath-esque heaviness and of course one can also find the stylistics of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. And then there is vocalist Phil Swanson (Hour of 13, Upwards of Endtime as well as a lot of other bands) whose intensive and expressive voice manages to captivate the listener with the greatest of ease. Meanwhile SEAMOUNT has been signed to The Church Within Records and 'Light II Truth' is the first result of this collaboration. The new album picks up where the last stopped with the difference that SEAMOUNT has become even stronger than they were already.

Once again, Phil Swanson's voice gives the whole album a dignified and emotional depth while I am truly enchanted by the excellent twin guitar attack of Tim Schmidt and Andy Kummer. I am particularly glad that 'Light II Truth' is also very varied. The band has no hesitation in living out their creativity and ingenuity. There is for example a song like 'The Paradise' that switches between eerie spoken word parts and crushing riffs or 'Sun at Night' that evokes memories of smoother mid-1970's Black Sabbath with its hauntingly-beautiful melody lines. Another extraordinary song is 'Into the Light', in which the band surprises the listener with a mixture of oriental and Gregorian singing. I also like the fact that this song owns an unusual arrangement. Despite all this, 'Light II Truth' is of course dominated by heavy riffs. 'Together Wear the Cross' is definitely a song I won't forget so soon due to its catchy melancholic hooklines.

Furthermore, SEAMOUNT have succeeded here in combining Black Sabbath with AC/DC. It may sound strange, but it works excellently. Another fantastic song is 'That Witch' that starts with a tasteful piano part before the band unleashes their driving rock 'n' roll energy. SEAMOUNT have a knack for writing up-tempo rocker that you want to hear over and over again and 'That Witch' is an excellent example for that. In addition it's absolutely worth to take a look at the lyrics of the album, but Phil Swanson has always been a good writer who offers more than just the typical rubbish. In summarising it can be stated that SEAMOUNT have recorded an extremely profound and atmospheric album which one can listen from start to finish without feeling bored or anything else. Do yourself a favour and buy a copy of 'Light II Truth'. Better now than never.