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SEA OF GREEN (Northern Lights) MCD

The debut from a young Canadian trio that presents us five songs in the vein of NEBULA, KYUSS . They add a Psychedelic Rock edge to their sound, like in the opener "Move the Mountains" which reminds me to British bands like SUN DIAL or THEE HYPNOTICS. I think SEA OF GREEN have their strongest moments when they are playing very heavy and more 70´s-like.This MCD is no total knockout but it´s interesting to hear, that Canada has more bands to offer beside SONS OF OTIS, sHEAVY or SIR HEDGEHOG. I think, that a full-length album will show what SEA OF GREEN are able of. And they have the ambition to create their own Heavyrock in the future. "Northern Lights" is released through TMC and visit the SEA OF GREEN website.