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SCOFF (Reverse Universe) CD

Formerly known under the name Kinch, SCOFF’s debut album contains this sort of heavy rock, which is made to be played live, and the perfect place would be a summer outdoor-festival at the beach. That sounds like a typical label-info phrase, and when I look at the sheet, that’s what the guys of Daredevil Records wrote, but this is really true. And a second look at the cover-artwork shows, that SCOFF might have the same associations. What this three German guys play is far away from being spectacular or outstanding, but it’s VERY solid and at times, SCOFF are able to make an enourmous thrust. They sound, as if two guitarplayers are in in the line-up, but it’s only one guy who produces this wall-of-sound. With references to bands like Kyuss, mid-period Metallica, or Karma To Burn, SCOFF are presenting fifteen tracks on „Reverse Universe“, and due to the amount of included songs, not every single number is a killer. But the band’s is going in the right direction, and they know about their potential to write catchy songs. And that’s exactely my only problem with the group. I can’t help, but it looks as if they are constantly looking for commercial success, because the vocal-lines are mostly very pop-ish and made for radio-airplay. Maybe that‘s one of the reasons, why SCOFF have given their music for promo-trailers of Sony, Rock am Ring, Jim Bean and more. Nothing against success, but why must you sell your ass everywhere? But that shouldn’t be a reason, to overloook the group, and they surely will find a lot of new listeners with this album. At least, a powerful production gives  „Reverse Universe“ the best shape, and I hope they will appear at a summer-festival in 2006!