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Although this CD has been released two years ago in 2000, I had to lose some words about it. Scene Killer isn't a new band. This music on this CD is the result of different co-operations between some of the New Jersey-based bands. So, here on board are musicians from The Atomic Bitchwax, Burnout King, Core, Daisycutter, Drag Pack, HTG, The Lemmings, Monster Magnet, Rotgut, Six Sigma, Solace, Solarized, The Clone Obey , Giant Sloth and at least. Alfred Morris III (Iron Man) and Yukito (Eternal Elysium). This album is full of diverse 60's and 70's influences, from Blues and Heavy Rock to Psych and Funk. "Midnight Smack" is a laid-back heavy bluesrock number with a touch of Hendrix, or a hard-driving song as "Island Zero", the up-tempo R'n'Roller "Back of my Mind", or the 60's psych "Pit of the Soul", but also a lot of jam-like tracks.There's fuzz, wah-wah and tons of other effects over the whole twelve songs.

While listening you can imagine the relaxed atmosphere and fun, the involved musicians got while recording and jamming. In the booklet are highly informative linernotes about every song and the background of this project. I really like the album, that is rich in variety and spread's an inspiring retro vibe.And it's , of course...heavy! Not only recommandable for collectors of the NJ-scene. Ask your local record-dealer for it or order it directly from Meteor City Records.