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SATURNIA (AlphaOmegaAlpha) 2LP/2CD

Elektrohasch stands mostly for quality. While looking on the cover of 'AlphaOmegaAlpha' you see a beautiful made gatefold cover with massive content (even the CD-version got two discs). So far for the outer appearance, but what do we get within the next nearly two hours? First of all, I should put it straight that we're talking about sincere psychedelic music, there's no rock whatsoever. The Portugese one-man-show of Luis Simôes compiles 16 songs of driving drumwork and lots of psychedelic sounds. In addition to the standard set, he uses the compulsive oriental and indian vibes from the sitar as well as chimes and percussion, even the harp finds its way into some songs and so do samples of singing birds and floating water. This variety makes the record special, but it's also a kind of a weakness.

As you might have noticed, I didn't enlist the guitar so far. It's not that there are no guitars, but Simôes mostly keeps them in the background. When the songs are more driving, he mostly uses drums and synthies, never catchy guitar riffs e.g. in 'I Am Utopia'. In other cases he loses himself in psychedelic ecstasy or even meditative nature sounds like in 'Arcadian Watcher'. All in all 'AlphaOmegaAlpha' is solid, sometimes even brilliant psychedelic stuff. Before listening one should just know that there's no rock inside, but if you're open minded or just really into psychedelic, this album is definitely worth its money. Everybody else should try shorter or easier consumable pieces than this first release.

(Thomas Braun)