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Once again, Small Stone Records proves a good taste with the debut of SASQUATCH. This muscular ( meant musically) threepiece convinces me with their overwhelming brand of 70's influenced heavy rock with an emphasis on extreme volume. They grap the listener by the throat with the steaming opener "Chemical Lady" and the album continues in this direction; a swamp-rich miasma of mid-tempo paced, bass crunch uber-riffing with dirty vocals and an attitude shot through with southern-drenched bluesiness. The SASQUATCH groove is tight and intense and solid as an 18-wheeler heading for speed. But Keith Gibbs is not only an amazing and passionate vocalist and "bigfoot"-riffmaster. This man stand his ground with his kind of bluesy  metallic guitar solos, that are melodic and filled with the additional use of wah-wah, and fuzz pedals. The few samples, which are thrown in are based on the mysterious creature where this group have taken their name from and  are giving the album a concepteous feeling. If you're looking for standout tracks I can't give you any advices, because the whole album R-O-C-K-S from the beginning to the end. All in all, the next top-quality release in the Small Stone catalogue!