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With every new album, Los Angeles' power trio SASQUATCH are getting better. Well, that phrase sounds flat and empty, but it's indeed the case. At least, for my taste. This does not mean, however, that I think that the band had a bad start with their first two albums. Since the beginning it was obvious that they have the decisive potential to perform powerful riff-driven heavy rock which will be remembered for a longer period. Of course here, nothing new will be invented, but that doesn't matter as long as the tracks are packed with solid hooklines and crunchy riffs, and, boy, are SASQUATCH good at it! Their third record aptly named 'III' is a hard rocking, fuzzed-out titan which contains some of their best tracks and shows quite clearly that SASQUATCH has grown together into a strong unit over the last nine years. It is a consistent, powerful album that hits really hard at gut level.

All the songs share a menacing, irreverent and molten-lava quality that makes this their most consistent and memorable album. From the first song to the last, there's a heavy and pulsing purity of intention that keeps all the songs flowing together seamlessly. One of my faves is 'Pull Me Under', which somehow sounds as if The Obsessed and early Soundgarden have merged. Despite my comparison SASQUATCH have their own identity, which is primarily due to Keith Gibbs' excellent voice that is also very dynamic and holds your attention throughout. 'New Disguise' is based on bluesy acoustic guitars and brings back memories of Led Zeppelin that otherwise play a not to be underestimated role in most of the twelve songs on 'III'. But, like most bands that are on the Small Stone Records roster, SASQUATCH do not focus on completely reviving the 1970's even if it's their primary basis for resource and influence in their work.

The album comes together to take on a timeless quality which is present in the best rock and roll and Benny Grotto's excellent production underscores this fact. It is also nice to see that SASQUATCH have invited Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet, ex-The Atomic Bitchwax), but also without his guest contributions it would be a great album. 'III' offers a hefty dose of super heavy bone crunching blues-drenched heavy rock, and everyone who likes the previous releases will love the new one. But even for those, who like bands such as Soundgarden or Led Zeppelin, you should give SASQUATCH a chance, because they really do deserve it. And if you're all about the riffs, dear reader, if you love the classic rock guitar gods, then you'll get a huge kick out of 'III'. Buy it and you won't regret this surely.