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I already liked the debut of US-powertrio SASQUATCH and I'm not disappointed from the successor, which has been released by Small Stone Records in 2006. 'II' didn't concern itself with passing trends - it's a timeless album strongly influenced from the 70's but still far away from any current retro stuff. SASQUATCH use heavy stomping riffs in combination with strong hooklines and blues-drenched vocals so that the result is always effective and totally enjoyable. They've a smoking, crispy fuzz-driven guitarsound, pounding rhythms and aren't afraid to vary their sound, instead of coming up up with always the same textures. Good examples are acoustic songs like 'Nikki' and 'Catalina', who belong to the most psychedelic blues-driven stuff SASQUATCH have ever recorded until now. For my taste, they could have recorded more material like this. But the hard rockin' tracks are also damn fine like 'What have you done' with its explosive up-tempo outburst or the powerful opener 'Let it in'. I could go on and on, but I think it's boring to describe each of the here included eleven songs with a few words. This album becomes better and better with every spin until you found out that you won't live without it. Ok, I don't know how you'll feel about it, but I won't miss it. Of course, they aren't spectacular, but please what is really spectacular in heavy rock in these days? All that matters are good songs in this genre, and they've got plenty of it. SASQUATCH are here to remind everyone why rock can be very good fun in the first place, without becoming ridiculous in the same moment. Keep an eye out for this one.