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SARDONIS (s/t) 7"

The third release from Electric Earth is the debut of the Belgian two-man band SARDONIS. Consisting of R. on guitar and J. on drums, the band delivers four instrumental tracks, which show a lot of potential. The first thing I noticed is the band's warm tube-ridden guitar sound, which is distinguished and simultaneously very heavy. So it's logical that they don't have a bassplayer in their line-up, due to the band's iniquitous brute guitar sound. But all this technique can be nonsignificant, when you don't have the talent to write well-structured hook-driven songs, but even here SARDONIS prove their talent. They change the pace skillfully or alter mood and texture when it's necessary. 'Nero D'avola' and 'Skullcrusher AD' from side A are good examples for that. It's apparent that SARDONIS is far away from their peak, but this is a very good start into an unknown future. The band is currently working on it's first album which will be released next year in 2009 by Electric Earth Records. Let's see if they can keep their promise... Meanwhile fans of heavy instrumental rock should give this nice four tracker a chance.