SAMAVAYO (Songs From The Drop-Outs) MCD

Here we have the second release from this heavy rock group, hailing from Berlin, and the MCD contains six cuts, with a pretty wide range of different influences. While the opener "5oh" is more straight forward heavy fuzz rock, the track "When it comes to the point of no return" is a well-crafted 70's psych trip, as well as the second half from "Telepathos". I think, SAMAVAYO have their finest moments when they are coming up with some jam-like parts, which reminds me to the early 70's heavy prog bands as May Blitz f.e. But the entire sound isn't as retro as you might think now. They are aware of their 70's influence, but have also grown-up with the music of the last twenty years, what adds some kind of freshness to their sound.

Guitarist Behrang Alavi vocals can be compared with the ones of Josh Homme, and this mcd includes a few moments, where the Queens Of The Stone Age have left a few traces in their sound. I can't say that I'm totally overwhelmed buy SAMAVAYO's second release, because the production could've been more dynamic and powerful. Anyway, this release is a good alternative to all the average fuzzrock bands, and a full-length would be something interesting. "Songs From The Drop-Outs" includes a multimedia track plus live video and has been released on Setalight Records, the label from Andreas Voland, who's also the bassplayer here. At least, this band is one more proof that Germany owns a very diverse and interesting amount of heavy bands.