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SALLY (C-Earth) CD

I don't know what happened to SALLY, but this guys are definitely in a strange different mood, than on the self-titled debut, also issued by Rise Above Records. While the first album was more in the groovy heavy Sabbath vein, SALLY have now drenched their sound in a bath of dirt and filth. Well-known producer Billy Anderson had given this heavy soup a strong flavour, comparable with the last SourVein album, or the latest Bongzilla. "C-Earth" is a dark and twisted thing, and the entire black cover-artwork visualizes the perspective from this sound to the mortal life. The cheesy cover-artwork of the first album is totally gone, and with it mostly all the things, fans of heavy groove-laden rock are addicted from. Ex-Penance shouter Lee Smith never sounded, as broken and pissed-off like here. His unique voice is buried in a wall of crunchy sonic thickness and minimalistic drum patterns, which are mostly slow, but interrupted from a few punk-driven outbursts.

I needed quite a time to dig "C-Earth", because I was so surprised from SALLY's altered wall of sound, or didn't I understand the strange humour of the band? Here are a very few moments, that could have been on the first one, but this impression won't stay for too long. SALLY have incorporated a few experimetal noisy feedback assaults, and the first minutes of this album, will surely confuse a few listeners. But don't mind, this guys are still worship the holy shrine of Saint Vitus, Kyuss or EyeHateGod. Due to the reason, that they are using Matamp equipment, you can add Sleep and/or High On Fire to the list, because it the same kind of tone and drone. Nothing totallygroundbreaking here, but the "new" sound of this UK-band is a nice surprise, and here are a lot of intense and spectacular moments to find. Be patient, and give "C-Earth" enough time to unfold its grim beauty.