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RUE (s/t) CD

This disc has been out a while now, but it's too powerful to let it pass by unnoticed. It's the first full-length from RUE, a group considering members of Fistula and Sofa King Killer, and so one can definitely expect high-quality sludge performed in its most convincing way. Like the grim battle cover artwork, done by Scott Stearns, the music is equal to it: aggressive, blood-thirsty and destructive! One song is entitled "Stonersaurus", but RUE have more in common with early Celtic Frost than with  70's-influenced heavy rock, although I found very small traces of it here after constant listening. Combined with the energy of  80's US-Hardcore, RUE rip through nine energetic crusher such as "The Escapist", "Born with Frostbite" or "Shut your Mouth" all of which contain enough anger to make me feel good. One great thing about RUE is their ability to write remarkable songs, instead of just trying to be as most brutal as can be. But don't worry; this remains the sound you wouldn't play, when your grandma visits you at home! Sometimes the band enter Acid Bath-territory,  but mostly this album leans toward an own sound and isn't boring at the least.  Good stuff dudes; a convincing debut! Yes and of course on Shifty Records!