Berlin's ROTOR been developing over the past years and it seems as if they've kinda reached their destination with the new album, that has been again released by Elektrohasch in 2007. Beauty and pain come hand in hand. Harmony and crescendo are neighbors. Melody and brutality are very close together. All this words are just a short description of the magic of '3'. At the forefront of progressive heavy rock, ROTOR push forth and create an outstanding album. Rarely is a band so unafraid to tread along the outside edge of the path and they show the world out there, that a band can simultaneous can play complex structures and still kick ass. It doesn't matter if ROTOR open their sound for a bit of Jazz or if they play straight heavy rock; it's always a pleasure for the listener to hear how natural they combine all their influences. '3' is an extremely thrilling and dynamic album, and they've got the songs that will keep the listener fixed for the complete running time of the album. They change  tempi, they are at home in different moods and on top of it they enhance it with a good deal of technical expertise. The analogue production is delightfully dirty, yet meaty and muscular at the same time. ROTOR is crusing under full sail and ready to take the lead.