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I must confess, that I didn't take much notice from the German three-piece ROTOR in the past, but with the actual album, released by Elektrohasch in 2005 and simply entitled "2" this state will definitely change. Although the album kicks off with a typical "stoner" rock song, which doesn't represent the quality of this album, the remaining seven cuts are showing the whole powerful abilities of the band. Their instrumental heavy rock is filled with liquid grooves, and a slight 70's influence shines through, but the result sounds timeless. But ROTOR have also some real heavy, weighty riffs in store, that fits perfectely into the stimulating blend, and enriches the variety of "2".  Listening to this disc is like looking through a kaleidoscope, where always something new appears, that's still connected with previous forms.  At times, some funky rock riffs pushing the sound more into the 70's, before the sound gets heavier again, and reminds me to Karma To Burn's last album "Almost Heathen".

But apart of all instrumental virtuosity, ROTOR have included two songs here, where Samavayo vocalist Behrang Alavi is featured as vocalist. While the above mentioned opener "On the Run" is sounding like a dozens heavy bands today, "Erdlicht" is different to it, and especially B. Alavi's vocals adding a very spiritual vibe to it. Maybe one of the reason is, that he uses the old Indian language Sanskrit. Another positive aspect about "2" is the overall sound, and I bet that some vintage tube-amps are in possesion of the band. Especially the guitar-sound is warm and crispy, steaming hot, and makes good thrust. I mean, I seldom heard a band that is able to satisfy so many different needs without losing coherence: catchy melodies , wall-of-sound guitar, clever song-structures, and an unbelievable reliability in taste! And the cover shot, which is very humorous, will always remind me to my childhood in the late 60's/early 70's as well as the "carpet" inlay in the jewel tray. Just in case you still didn't get the idea: this band is great. Really. I promise.