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ROOT (Zjevení) CD

Somewhere else I had already mentioned that I have an ambivalent relationship to the music of Czechoslovak black/thrash metal pinoeers ROOT. I particularly enjoy the early albums because of their raw and aggressive sound. There was no kitsch and bombast though it was already foreseeable that vocalist and founder Big Boss has a preference for dramatic gestures. This can also be seen on ROOT's debut album 'Zjevení', also known as 'The Revelation' in English speaking parts of the world. Originally released in 1990 by Zeras, this is I Hate Records' re-release that has been enhanced with a new and improved layout and four additional bonus tracks from the ROOT archives. As already announced, I Hate Records have thus released the first three ROOT records as well as their fifth album 'The Book'. Despite all dramatic, 'Zjevení' is a raw album and yet still technically demanding.

This is particularly clear when I listen to the two bonus live cuts named 'Upáleni' and '7 Cerných Jezdcu' that has been recorded in 2003 and 2004. By contrast with its successor 'Hell Symphony', 'Zjevení' is completely in Czech language but it matches well with the Satanic content. Well, I don't take that very seriously, but to each his own. Something else that is becoming apparent is that ROOT placed importance on slightly progressive arrangements. In this way they differ from a lot of other black metal bands at this point of time. Sometimes it gets rather grim as with 'Démon', that switches between slow and ultra fast parts. Especially here Big Boss give you the creeps. On the other hand all this spoken word parts on the album cause me just a big grin. But I can in any case assure why ROOT has become a legendary status among fans of black and thrash metal. I, however, only have a limited affection for ROOT, but still Zjevení' is more authentic than most of today's black metal releases.