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Formed in 1998 in Brisbane, Australia, ROLLERBALL are belonging to the genre of heavy ultrafuzzy rock bands. This album contains their two CD-EP's, three new tracks and two video clips for the songs "Evie (Pt.1)" and "Lowly Sublime". The ROLLERBALL sound is fat and heavier than by other bands, playing the same style, and it's full of classic 70's Rock elements that ranges from old AC/DC or Ted Nugent to Lynyrd Skynyrd f.e.. What I like about them is the diversity of the material, so that it doesn't sound as if just listen to one song over and over again. What this group is presenting to us isn't new or something special but the energy of their music graps you directly and moves you forward. Some of my faves are the moody and Stooges-like "24 Hours" or the groovy "Reflections", but there's more.

The vocals of Mazie Boland are rough and passionate. The guitarwork is full of different dynamics, not only one heavy fuzz-laden powerchord after the other and the rythm-backbone is tight and full of ass-shakin' grooves. In the best moments, this album really smokes. The live-track "Lake of Life" shows, that ROLLERBALL are live as strong as in the studio and it I think, that these guys are an impressive hot live unit. After I've spent a lot of time listening to this album, I would describe this act as the garage-version of Roadsaw, and that's not meant as a bad critic. More because ROLLERBALL are sounding rougher and less polished. In this times, where a lot of bands are playing this kind of music I must admit that these guys from down under are one of the better acts and so I like to give you the advice to check out this album, if you don't owe the EP's. Better than the last three Fu Manchu records, but that's only my opinion. The French label Water Dragon Records is responsible for this release and take a look at the ROLLERBALL homepage for more. Well done, guys!