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ROANOKE (Stormbringer) CD-R

Since more than a decade people discuss about the term 'Doom'. Some people's definition is more based on the sound of traditional bands like Saint Vitus, Pentagram, or Witchfinder General f.e., while others are looking for bands who are creating the heaviest and slowest sounds in the vein of bands like Warhorse, Winter or Ocean. This people shoud add ROANOKE to their list, because "Stormbringer" is a 32 minutes long monster of abyssic down-tuned Sludge with ultra-slow guitars that grow fucking deep. The listener can meditate to the monstrous riffs, because this isn't the stuff for wild headbanging or air-guitar playing. If you try, it maybe feels like being underwater..... For some ROANOKE will be monotonous and lame, but I like this obscure journey into the realm of brute heaviness, fueled with feedback and dry-lung vocals. Steve Austin (Today Is The Day) mixed and mastered "Stormbringer", and it has been released via Doomphonic Recordings and Torture Music Records. So, if you want to have a copy be fast, because it's limited to 100 copies!