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ROADSAW (Rawk N Roll) 2LP/CD

This album was also released as a limited 2 LP set earlier this year, but the Swedish label Lunasound Recording had taken the opportunity to make this album available on CD. Before "Rawk N Roll" ROADSAW has been released three records and a lot of compilation tracks and a few 7"'s since 1995, but nothing of this stuff really impressed me a lot. But this album is a nice little burner with a lot of catchy melodies, a fat production and enough drive to grab my attention. It's a fine mixture that's of course influenced by the 70's (Ted Nugent, Hendrix, Aerosmith etc.) and it reminds me a little bit to Soundgarden, only much heavier.

Spiritual Beggars is another band that comes to my mind when I listen to songs like "Foot" or "Your own Private Slice of Hell", where the band uses additional instruments like an organ. Two of my personal faves is the slow rolling and sonically "Hoof" and the atmospheric ballad "Burnout". "Rawk N Roll" contains also some faster ones like the opener "Right on Through" or "The Finger" so all in all you find twelve tracks that are the perfect soundtrack for driving down the highway with a cold beer in your hands. No groundbreaking release but still solid enough and it's If you have missed the vinyl edition, don't worry because you find two hidden tracks here. You can order this album directly from Lunasound Recordings and for more infos about ROADSAW go to