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ROADSAW / BLACKROCK (The Boston Sherwood Tapes) MCD

This release is the result between the American record label UNDERDOGMA and GAME TWO and the English MARKSOUND E-Zine. Every band presents us a cover version and one original song. ROADSAW plays a cover of a PIXIES song, but that's really nothing for me. I never cared about the PIXIES and so "Where Is My Mind?" leaves me cold. I prefer the ROADSAW original heavy track, titled "Busted Monk". It's comparable to the mid-tempo songs from the "Nationwide" album, only with a stronger TOOL influence in the last part of "Busted Monk". In the line-up you find Nico from TERRA FIRMA, who appears as a guest musician on keyboards. BLACKROCK are an English quintett from Nottingham and they play heavy Rock 'n' Roll like UNIDA or HANGNAIL, but not in the same league.

The first song "Loserfuel" is a good example for it. I think, that only the Jazz-influenced ending keeps this up-tempo song interesting, because it sounds to much as the above mentioned bands, you know it's the lack of identity in "Loserfuel". The production of the this track sounds not so strong, maybe like a better produced demo or a rehearsel tape. The second song is "Indian Ropeman", originally played by Brian Auger and Julie Driscoll. So you can expect a heavy Funk song that grooves and rocks like SLY AND THE FAMILY STONE did and BLACKROCK perform it very good with enough passion for it. So, decide for yourself. I don't know, if "The Boston Sherwood Tapes" are also available as a 10" version, but it's nice little Ep and if you're interested visit UNDERDOGMA RECORDS or MARKSOUND.