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RITE (Shoot Skull For Jackpot) CD

Therefore, that the Finnish band RITE is around since 1994 they weren't very busy during the last eight years in the process of recording albums. One year ago in 2001, they've only released the limited 7" "Goddamn EP" and one song for the actual "The Mighty Desert Rock Avengers. So, this is the debut full-length in 2002 on the French label Water Dragon Records and for my taste, RITE don't have much in common with the so-called Desert Rock sound. In the last years, the band developed into a simple, loud and heavy R'n'R band. The riffs are dirty and metallic and the band prefers mostly straight-forward up-tempo themes. Although there's not the biggest variety in the ten songs, the band graps my attention with their uncompromising heavy bulldozer sound.

The label info presents the band with the term live-action band, and the picture gallery which is included as a bonus on this enhanced CD gives a good impression of their sweaty high-octane gigs. I would compare RITE with later Entombed, COC or their Finnish comrades of Plutonium Orange. Aside of the brutality of the album, the band is focused on good hooks and the rough and bluesy vocals of lead-singer Jarkko Laatikainen are fitting perfect. RITE is the "rite" band for all you rockers out there, who are just looking for a direct dirty alcoholic Rock assault without wimpy "stoner" clichés, so get your beer, crank up the volume, start a war with your neighbours and put the pedal to the metal. Check out the RITE homepage for actual actions.