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RIPPER ( "...And The Dead Shall Rise") LP/CD

For all of the readers, who own a well-sorted collection of Heavy Metal records, RIPPER shouldn't be something unknown. Black Widow Records, the specialists for obscure bands have taken their chance for a re-release, while the original release date of RIPPER's one and only album in history was back in 1986 on Iron Works Records. The group was 'formed' by Sadie Paine (bass) and Animal Axeman (drums) in 1977 and Rob Graves teamed up in 1980. The album title gives you a link to the personal main interests of the band members, as black magic and horror movies, and RIPPER lived out their unholy love in their obscure outfit, too, comparable with bands like Death SS or Mercyful Fate f.e. But there was also a musical parallel to both acts, and  Metal Blade Records showed interest in signing the band and included "Death Awaits You" on the compilation album "Metal Massacre VIII" in 1987.

But two members left the band and Rob and Sadie were unable to replace them quickly, so Metal Blade lost interest. While listening to the album, one can feel that this recorded was recorded in the late 70's, but some of the songs are still convincing today, like "Wake the Dead" or the powerful opener "Death Awaits You". Especially the massive and heavy riffs would fit to every actual Doom Metal outfit today Most of the tracks are in mid-tempo spheres, but "Metal Mission" is more up-tempo. Due to to the reason, that I'm no absolut HM-worshipper, I got massive problems with the sometimes high-pitched vocals of Rob Graves. He's able to shatter my windows and beer cans...hahaha. But to my own fortune, he is often enough in lower frequencies, so that I don't need earplugs! Apart of my own critic, I think that RIPPER could also be something for fans of the mighty Death Row, without reaching their intense level. To sum it up, if you're into obscure horror HM check out RIPPER, because it's well worth! RIPPER are currently in the studio recording the follow-up "Rizen" for Black Widow Records.