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RIP KC (Spingüolf) CD

Some album-titles are so mysterious, that they are on my mind for weeks while I try to think about their meaning. But probably I will never know what a 'Spingüolf'is, and sometimes it's good that some names will keep their secrets. Aside from this strange title it's also the music from the Spanish band RIP KC, which is still on my mind, not because it's so awful. It's more the total opposite. This band also draw most of their inspirations out of the 60's and 70's, but obviously it isn't the genre of heavy or hardrock, but more soft psychedelic pop, jazz rock and the progressive structures of that time. It's impressive to hear how effortless this three musicians have combined those elements to a tight and dynamic sound. I'm not only convinced by the flawless musical abilities from RIP KC, but also by their talent in creating an extremely intensive emotional atmosphere.

This is the perfect soundtrack for a sunny Sunday morning in early autumn with all it's melancholy or I could imagine a concert of this band on a beach in front of a sunset in the summer. As you can see, their sound can be very suggestive. It doesn't matter, if their songs are accompanied by vocals or just played instrumental; if they come up with very short or longer tracks - 'Spingüolf' never lose it's natural flow and authenticy.

And even when this album isn't driven by loud distorted guitars, with exception of the song 'Punk is Dead', RIP KC have still more power and energy than some of the bands who are louder than a Boeing 747. Here it's the honest emotion, which is one of the sources for their magnificent music, and honesty in music is something which is hard to find in these times. And the best thing about 'Spingüolf' is, that it never becomes kitschy and cheesy for a minute. I'm really enthusiastically! Once again Alone Records/The Stone Circle have proven that they aren't tied to a special musically formula.