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RICKSHAW (Sonic Overload) CD

Hey all you rock 'n' rollers out there, it's time for you to check out the new RICKSHAW album! But instead of heavy fuzz-rock, this Swedish four-piece got a stronger metal edge, and a lot of punk rock has found its way into RICKSHAW's blood. I can't say, that this "Sonic Overload" has really convinced me. There's isn't much variety in their adrenaline-driven metallic R'n'R, and there are so much bands out here, that are playing in the same vein, like Electric Frankenstein,Gluecifer, Stoner Kings, The Bones and so on. There are moments, where they come up with strong remarkable hooks, but after 6 six songs, I feel bored. I like the first half of the album, but than, I miss the ideas and compelling hooklines. No doubt about it, RICKSHAW are a tight and well-oiled engine. Sometimes, they enrich their sound with a 70's Glam spirit, and apart of all Punk-influences, this guys are definitely aware of 80's Metal history. If here were more tracks in the vein of "Last Man Standing", "Lick My Flames" or "Get You Down", the album could have been left a bigger impression in my mind. Maybe, RICKSHAW aren't my cup of tea (it's just a matter of taste!), and fans of aboved mentioned bands, should add this band to their list. The album, issued by Devil Doll Records includes a multimedia videotrack for the song "I'm Ready!" for visual entertainment. Cheers!!!