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RHINO BUCKET (Who's Got Mine?) CD

Long before bands like Airbourne or 77' paid homage to AC/DC, there was RHINO BUCKET who never made any secret about their predilection for Australia's world-famous rock group. Formed in 1987 by Georg Dolivo (lead vocals, guitar), RHINO BUCKET released six albums between 1990 and 2009 plus 'Who's Got Mine?' that dates from 2011. In the meantime, drummer Anthony "Tiny" Biuso (TSOL, The Dickies) has joined the band, which does not mean that RHINO BUCKET have changed their sound. No matter what is currently hip, Georg Dolivo and his men stay cool and continue along their hard rocking path. So, if you are looking for spectacular sonic adventures or some kind of innovation, then you surely will have difficulties in listening to 'Who's Got Mine?'.

Each of the included eleven tracks is crammed with riffs that could have been taken right out of Angus Young's mind. And yet, RHINO BUCKET is able to set its own accents. Sometimes a dash of southern rock has been added to a few tracks and a sleazy rock 'n' roll edge can be noticed here and there. But especially their talent in writing catchy tunes is the most important part in the whole story. With 'Lifeline', they give an impressive demonstration of their skills, but also 'Her Way' is one of the highlights of this album.

Unfortunately RHINO BUCKET don't manage to maintain that level over the whole playing time of approximately 38 minutes. There are a couple of average songs which do not leave a particular impression on me. It doesn't hurt to listen to these tunes, but they will fall into oblivion soon. In spite of all my criticism I like 'Who's Got Mine?', because the positive moments outweigh the disadvantages. Furthermore, I respect the uncompromising attitude of RHINO BUCKET since, after all, there are enough bands around who jump on every new trend. So, if you want to purchase a rock-solid album, then you should give 'Who's Got Mine?' a chance. All the more so if you dig AC/DC, The Four Horsemen or 77'.