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REVELATION (Revelation) CD

Actually, this album should be released through Leaf Hound Records, but unfortunately this fine Japanese label suddenly disappeared. Luckily, we got The Church Within Records, which decided to put these plans into effect in 2009. To make a long story short, here we have the end result which provide insights into the early beginnings of Maryland's REVELATION. The original plan was to release this album in 1988 on the dubious bootleg label Doom Records, but it didn't work out. After all that, it still took two years until finally Rise Above Records used the opportunity to release REVELATION's first record 'Salvation's Answer'. The differences between 'Revelation' and 'Salvation's Answer' are quickly told.

Firstly, the entire sound is substantially rougher, whereby the band sounds more brutal and aggressive than on their debut album. The next difference can be found in the tracklist which is in a different order. With the exception of 'Infinite Nothingness', 'Revelation' contains the same tracks as the debut. For these reasons it is not necessarily recommendable to people, who have never heard before of REVELATION, but if you love this band as much as I do than there's no point not purchasing a copy of 'Revelation'. You will also find here informative liner notes written by guitarist/vocalist John Brenner and a couple of previously unpublished photos. Well, REVELATION fans, you know what there remains for you to do!