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It was a big surprise in 2007 when Japanese label Leaf Hound Records announced a new album from REVELATION, especially that it will be the line-up of 'Salvation's Answer' which wanted to enter the studio again. At this point ex-members John Brenner, Bert Hall Jr., and Steve Branagan were busy with their not-so-new band AGAINST NATURE, but fortunately John Brenner showed interest in resurrecting his old band. Now it's 2008, the new album is again in my player, and after a lot of hours where I've listened to 'Release', I can report that is was more than just a good idea to record the fourth album in the restless history of this band. It's not so far removed from 'Never Comes Silence', although it's more mellow and heartwarming, comparable to sound from AGAINST NATURE.

This is a natural development, despite the facts that REVELATION's last album was recorded from an almost different line-up as well as the band's hibernation for some years. Undoubtedly, 'Release' contains all the typical trademarks of the band's progressive arrangements, an emotionally charged intensity, and last but not least, the unique clear vocals of guitarist John Brenner. Neither this album is a lame copy of the old material, nor the band tries to integrate any of the current trends, because REVELATION have created their very own sound almost twenty years ago.

Of course, Black Sabbath and Rush are still the main influences here, but nothing's wrong with that. Most noticeable is the shining guitarwork of John Brenner, and for my taste 'Release' owns some of his best solos and riffs. This is pure and honest emotion, and it's no surprise that members of Warning have mention REVELATION as one of their main inspirations. Whereas Warning create an intensive emotion out of a musical minimalism, REVELATION is more diverse and, of course, progressive. In summary, this is an excellent return from one of the most important bands in Doom Metal.