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REVELATION (Never Comes Silence) CD

Doom Metal fans rejoice, because Leaf Hound Records continue with the re-release of REVELATION's back catalogue. Fortunately, the band's second album, 1992's 'Never Comes Silence' like its fantastic debut 'Salvation's Anwer', has aged well and sounds still fresh and intense as if it was released only two days ago. After Rise Above Records lost interest in the band, the legendary German label Hellhound Records signed REVELATION. Besides former bassplayer Bert Hall Jr. left and was replaced by Josh Hart (ex-Unorthodox/Chowder). But this wasn't the only significant change in the band's history. As opposed to the debut, the band integrated more progressive elements, and all traces of hope have been erased in favour of a sound that is bleak, majestic and mournful. But that doesn't mean, that 'Never Comes Silence' is a tearful album through and through. This new direction offers a good mix of the classical Black Sabbath-affiliated doom and the vulnerable atmosphere of very early Trouble in combination with old Rush.

Undoubtedly, REVELATION have cultivated one of the most influential sounds in the history of Doom Metal with that very unique blend and I remember that a lot of listening sessions were needful, when I bought the album in 1992 before I fully get into it. But then I became an addict! Needless to say, that 'Never Comes Silence' doesn't own one weak track. This is a full story which must be heard from the opener 'Against Nature' to its bitter last song 'Never Comes Silence', that is divided into four parts.

This epic masterpiece is like a musical testament and a further proof of the band's capabilities. John Brenner isn't only an outstanding guitarist and vocalist, but also a very talented composer, while Josh Hart and Steve Branagan are a tight and flexible rhythm section. If you don't already own 'Never Comes Silence' then now is the time to buy. This re-issue also contains some rare live pics from the band as well as the original promo photo from Hellhound Records. This is a piece of history that serious Doom Metal fans shouldn't miss. By the way, I really hope that Leaf Hound Records will re-release REVELATION's third album '...Yet So Far' as soon as possible. It's also a must-have, but that's another story...