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REVELATION (Never Comes Silence) CD

Basically I think that it is completely unnecessary to introduce Baltimore's REVELATION to the regular Cosmic Lava reader, because anyone who is interested in doom metal should be aware of the fact that they are one of the most influential doom bands. Hence, I will spare you the details of their history. So let me pay full attention to their second masterpiece 'Never Comes Silence', which was originally released in 1992 by the legendary German label Hellhound Records. Here we have the second re-release and this time it is Shadow Kingdom Records, who gave 'Never Comes Silence' a proper reissue treatment. As usual, Shadow Kingdom Records has made enormous efforts to satisfy the customer, and I would say that Tim McGrogan (head of SKR) was once again extremely successful in this aim. First of all, there is a comprehensive booklet that includes lots of photos, as well as all lyrics and highly informative liner notes written by guitarist/vocalist John Brenner.

Additionally you get a raw live recording of REVELATION's final show with John Brenner and bassplayer Josh Hart (Chowder, Stout, ex-Unorthodox). The set list comprises of seven tracks which come from the debut full-length 'Salvation's Answer' and from 'Never Comes Silence'. And last but not least, there are two video clips from a TV show in 1992 where they play 'Poets And Paupers' and 'Wounds Which Never Heal'. Of course, it is no high definition quality, but I'm just glad that someone has filmed REVELATION in 1992. Lastly, I would like to say a few words about 'Never Comes Silence', which still sounds fresh and energetic after almost 20 years. It is a perfect blend of Black Sabbath, Trouble and Rush, but has always an own identity. This is especially due to John Brenner's technical skills and his unique voice. He's definitely not the most talented singer on this planet, but his emotional and haunting vocal style is perfectly suited to the epic melancholy of 'Never Comes Silence'.

But unlike some of the newer doom metal bands whose songs are sinking into trashy weepiness (I call it N.W.o.W.D. = New Wave Of Weepy Doom), REVELATION have an enormous power and their songs are really majestic and exceptionally intense. Apart from this, here we have an album that is brimming with strong ideas and sophisticated arrangements. A good example for this is the title track which, despite his colossal playing time of 18:22 minutes, never becomes boring. Of course, the punchy and well-oiled rhythm section, consisting of Josh Hart and drummer Steve Branagan is an additional reason why 'Never Comes Silence' is such a milestone. They shall ensure that the all-important groove remains one of the focal point of the arrangements. Oh well, enough said. In conclusion I would like to emphasise that this is one of the top-notch doom metal re-releases in 2010. Furthermore it is also highly interesting for those who own the original Hellhound pressing, because the bonus stuff is a must-have for all REVELATION fans.