R.E.T. (The Dark At The End Of The Tunnel) CD

Have I ever mention, that I don't like the mix of cheesy keyboard sounds together with classic metal riffs? If not, R.E.T. force me to do it! Hailing from the Czech Republic, they have a big likeness for bombastic keyboard sounds in combination with heavy power metal. At times, the riffs are becoming doomier, but due to the keyboards and the clean production I can't stand it for a long time. And when lead singer Yarin Kai Querry raises his super dramatic voice, my last rest of sympathy for this band crumbles in the dust. R.E.T. have an additional female singer, of course, what doesn't make it more entertaining for me. Maybe I should drink some strong Czech absinthe, and I will start to like this album, but I don't think so. One of the greatest surprises is, that the label Crystal Production describes the sound of R.E.T. as doom, but this is as much doom as I'm the king of the world.

No doubt about it, that this band can handle their instruments, but it's not my cup of tea and never was. They have dedicated the album to Quorthon, but I wished they had listener closer to Bathory masterpieces as the debut or the epic "Twilight Of The Gods". Maybe I would like this band much more.... The disc includes a bonus video of the song "Eternal Enemy" and has been released last year in 2004. And if you ask yourself what the hell does R.E.T. means, here's the poor answer: Reaction Extasy Trance. Sad, but true, so please choose another explanation as soon as possible.......