Sweden is well-known for the amount of 70's retro rock bands, but apart of it there's a strong scene, that is more into extreme metal, crust and grindcore. I remeber the early 80's when I was a Punk, listening to bands like Mob 47 or Crude SS. REGURGITATE are one of this noisy aggressive ultra-grind bands, and "Deviant" is a good demonstration, how to create an entertaining grindcore album. There aren't only the typical blast-beats with 300 bpm and the so-called vocals aren't sounding, as if you would step a big grizzly bear on its feet. They have some punk-laden up-tempo parts, a very few cool mid-tempo themes, that are making the album more interesting. The vocals are more a hysterical yelling, that still sounds very human. The total running time is about 30+ minutes, and the album contains 27 songs, what means that you can expect only very short attacks, but that's what grindcore is about.

With the cover version of "Charred Remains", REGURGITATE are paying tribute to Unseen Terror, one of the innovators of extreme hardcore. The strong and transparent production is giving the album the right annihilating mind-disturbing power, and this guys are knowing how to torture their instruments. "Deviant" isn't an innovation, but if you like to terrorize your neighbors or to increase your heartbeat, than give this merciless album a chance. After numerous releases under their belts on such labels as Headfucker, EU91, Paniac and Putrid Filth, REGURGITATE have now signed with Relapse and formore informations, check out the band's website.