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RED AIM (Saartanic Cuttydogs) CD/LP

At first I must admit that I never liked the earlier RED AIM releases. Whenever I've listen to them I missed something outstanding and remarkable. Now I've listen a lot to the latest release "Saartanic Cuttydogs" and I'm not really quite sure what to write about it. Frank Zappa once asked: "Does humour belong to music?". RED AIM are trying to be funny in a way like a comedy 70's Rock act.. Sometimes it's funny, especially the singer doesn't taking himself as to serious. His singing style ranges from Elvis to 70's Glam Rock and Metal. There are some nice heavy riffs, but you find nice riffs on almost every Heavy Rock album. The songs are very diverse and mostly influenced from the Homme-style. Others are kicking ass with a sleazy Rock 'n' Roll vibe while others are more mellow, darker and psychedelic and the production fits perfect.

In the last song RED AIM are putting their special humour in the last song, which "travels" in a jamming and lyrically way through forty years of music-history. For me it's the highlight of the whole album. But that's the only thing, that I like about it. On the cover are flames and a half-naked woman, what else. Now I know, what I can write about RED AIM: They simply don't reach my heart and so it leaves me cold. I better listen to QotSA and early Kyuss and watch some Comedy stuff in the TV. It isn't a worse album with a lot of different moods so but better decide for yourself ! It's directly available from People Like You Records or visit your local record store.