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A few years ago I received two demos from a Finnish band named Plutonium Orange. They delivered a solid sound, with strong influences from classic heavy metal and 1970's heavy rock. Sadly, the band broke-up months later, but they were a further proof for the fact that Finnland isn't only the womb for Doom Metal. Now it's 2008 and currently I'm listing to the third three-song demo from the Finnish band READY FOR THE RODEO. They share similar influences with Plutonium Orange, but RFTR have also studied the back catalogue from bands like Kyuss and/or Unida. Their tube amplifiers spread enough heat to melt the snow away in their hometown while the songs will give you the illusion that you're cruising with your muscle car through the desert. 'Offshore' kicks off with a powerful groove which comes along with an irresistible hookline. The guitar sound is full and crispy, and the production is remarkably professional for a demo. This sounds much better than a lot of albums. 'Cos Cab' reveals their love for Unida with pride, while 'Cruize' is a nice mid-tempo rocker. This demo is a pretty good effort, and if RFTR can keep their passion and enthusiasm it shouldn't take too long until they will be signed from a record label.