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Boston's RAMMING SPEED will be a new highlight for all those, who love the good old thrash metal of the 1980's. Maybe some of you already know the band from their first release in 2007, the 'Full Speed Ahead' 7" EP, that was also released through TDB Records. Now it's one year later and 'Brainwreck' is the band's first full-length, which delivers a ripping blend of thrash, hardcore punk and classic heavy metal. All included thirteen cuts are filled with a lot of variety, aggression and passion so that the album is pure ear-candy from the beginning 'til the end. This is powerful stuff through and through with no fillers. The band is tight as hell, and they sound as if they would be together since the mid-90's. RAMMING SPEED has a keen sense for writing catchy songs with a lot of hooks, no matter if they are underway with neckbreaking speed or if they slow down. The production on this album is raw and filthy, while all instruments still sounding crunchy enough. For my taste it's perfect. When I listen to music like this I don't want no sterile and overly produced album. Even the vocals are top notch for this kind of music. 'Heavy Metal Thunder' is a tribute to bands like Sweet Savage, Blitzkrieg or Diamond Head while song titles like 'Shane Embury Is the Brad Pitt of Grindcore' prove that RAMMING SPEED don't take everything so serious. Enough said, it's time to grab another cold beer. Meanwhile all of you thrashers out there should get a copy of 'Brainwreck', especially if you dig bands like Sacred Reich, Nuclear Assault, Exodus, or The Accused.