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Named after a television series from the 1950s, RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON is an instrumental power trio which is located in Eindhoven, Netherlands. 'Echo Forever' is their second self-released album and offers the listener seven songs where you find influences from Monkey 3, 35007 and of course Kyuss. This spectrum is rounded off by a slight post-rock edge and I could well live without it, because I don't like this thing called post-rock (apart from one or two bands). Nevertheless, I have to say that I like 'Echo Forever', because you can feel the passion and joy of playing of RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON.

In addition, the songs are well-structured and also include some nice hooklines like in 'Darkness' for example. Another advantage is the crunchy guitar tone that shapes the music. The songs basically work on the same principle, i.e. huge, heavy riffs have been intertwined with quieter, surrealistic passages and it's obvious that RADAR MEN FROM THE MOON place great importance on dynamism.

With regard to the heaviness, this is not the kind of heavy that slams you against the wall and leaves you with a splintered skull, but the kind of heavy that embraces and envelops you, weighs down on your very senses, and forcefully sweeps you away into the unknown. Sometimes 'Echo Forever' goes down the psychedelic road to bring some variety into the songs, and there are also a few samples interspersed which might have been taken from the TV series, but I'm not sure. I can well imagine that the songs emerged from several jam sessions, because they have a very loose feel without losing the sense of direction. 'Echo Forever' is an album that requires time and attention, but I can assure you that it is definitely worth the effort.