RABIES CASTE (Let The Soul Out And Cut The Vein) CD

The members of this band are coming from Russia and Israel and that's the only interesting thing about RABIES CASTE. They have some heavy sludgy riffs and the vocals are distorted and sometimes they've got a nice idea but all in all it sounds like an uninspired mix of Fudge Tunnel, EHG and all this so-called Nu Metal crap. This debut contains ten songs and after a few songs it becomes pretty boring.

I like distorted and sick vocals because it can be very intensive but here it's only nervy. Ok, the production isn't that bad, but is this enough for a good album. I would say no, it isn't! So dear reader, only if you're a collector of everything that sounds sludgy you can buy this album but I would recommend you, to buy the real stuff like Sour Vein, EHG, Grief, Iron Monkey etc. The label is EARACHE and for more informations about RABIES CASTE go to their website.