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PYRIOR (Onestone) LP/CD

PYRIOR originate from Berlin and 'Onestone' is their latest album, released by Setalight Records / Fuzzmatazz Records at the end of 2014. The biography tells me that PYRIOR stands for "characteristic Stonerrock", but I have to disagree (not only because I dislike that term "stonerrock", which is one of the most stupid terms in the history of music next to "crust", "grunge" or "emocore"...). Of course, there are plenty of fat and fuzzy riffs in PYRIOR's songs, and I can also detect a very small Kyuss influence.

This apart, however, there are a lot of elements in 'Onestone', which make sure that this band doesn't play "characteristic Stonerrock". There's a strong progressive approach in their vivid sound, which ensures that 'Onestone' is a pretty multilayered affair where dreamy, psych-tinged passages alternate with crunchy riff-driven heaviness. Vocals are playing a minor part in this process, with the exception of the title track. And this is not a disadvantage but an advantage, because the band is able to fill that space in their tunes with creative playing abilities.

There's definitely more going on here than simply recycling big, dumb "stoner" riffs, the musicianship is tight and the songs are interesting in their own right, given the lack of vocals and this provides the album with longevity. Overall, a strong effort, that is rounded off by a crispy, earthy production.