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POWERHEAD (Celestial Frankenstein) CD

In principle, POWERHEAD's self-released debut full-length 'Celestial Frankenstein' is not a bad album, with the exception of two tracks. This Australian band is able to write memorable tracks and their sound is decidedly heavy and very often brutally downtuned, but mix in some nice hooklines, as well. For me personally, the biggest problem is actually the lack of consistency because each of the included eight tracks could have been recorded by a different band. It is only Anthony Keena's massive guitar sound which ensures that 'Celestial Frankenstein' does not sound like a compilation. For example, the first track 'Spinal Spiral' should appeal to all fans of Black Label Society, whereas 'Grader' recalls the groove-driven heavy rock of Clutch, and the process goes on and on.

If I add to this the fact that guitarist Anthony Keena uses various forms of vocal styles, you can probably understand my point of view. Do you need more examples? No problem! With 'Soulshaker' the band is heading in a sleazy hardrock direction, but unfortunately the execution is rather average. But things get from bad to worse when POWERHEAD incorporate a silly gang chorus and that happens at 'The Zone'. That get on my nerves. The anthem-like title track is clearly better as well as 'Come Undone', where they show once again that they have a fondness for good old rock 'n' roll. As I have already said, 'Celestial Frankenstein' is relatively entertaining and POWERHEAD have potential. However, a great disadvantage of this band is that they apparently in search of a specific profile. Well, that is the impression I have formed.