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POMBAGIRA (The Crooked Path) 2CD

POMBAGIRA hail from England, and play sludgy doom metal with a strong focus on endless riff repetition with a massive guitar tone and guttural vocals. They've integrated some loud/quiet dynamics into each songs to enrich the mystical atmosphere of the album. This could be interesting for people who love Electric Wizard or Bongzilla, but I'm bored after a few songs. Here you don't find much variety and I can't distinguish between the five songs, because it sounds like one long song.

Maybe this album is pure joy for people who love to smoke tons of weed while listening to the sound of vintage amps, but I'm not interested in taking drugs just to get into a specific sound and I love to remember the music I have heard one hour ago. I can imagine, that POMBAGIRA have a lot of fun in their rehearsel space or on stage, when they play their monotonous songs but is it really necessary to put five songs on two discs, especially when all five songs could have been pressed on only one disc? Undoubtedly the complete execution is well done and the booklet looks nice, too but POMBAGIRA doesn't really stand apart from most of the other similar bands. 'The Crooked Path' has been released in 2008 via Withered Hand Records, so...get it...or don't, it's completely up to you.