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POMBAGIRA (Flesh Throne Press) 2LP/2CD

If you have read my reviews for POMBAGIRA's first two albums than you know that I was never a huge fan of this English band. I liked their2009 album 'Black Axis Abraxas' more than the boring debut, but their new effort 'Flesh Throne Press' repeatedly reminds me how boring doom can be at the present time.

The only thing that stopped me from falling asleep was the1960's psychedelic influence, but nevertheless, there still is a lack of songwriting ability. In addition, the awful singer sounds as if she's suffering under a tranquillizer overdose. Of course, this is intended but it has no effect on me, apart from eternal boredom.

Basically, 'Flesh Throne Press' is two and a half minutes of ideas streched into 80 minutes. My summary: I would have more fun poking my eye out than giving this album another listen.