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This is the lateset self-produced MCD with three tracks, which are representing only a small part of their different material. POISONED CHILD have nothing in common with Doom. The opener "Three Monkey" could be an undiscovered Nirvana song, and also the other two songs "Black Point" and "Cover" are close to the Seattle band, especially the vocals and the loud/quiet dynamics. In opposite to the melodic vocal-themes, there are noisy guitar parts, which are giving POISONED CHILD an aggressive touch. I must admit, that this isn't not exactly the music I'm lost into, but this German band is good in what they are doing. They've got talent and the skills, but I miss the heaviness in their music. Maybe they don't want to sound heavy, who cares. So, if you're like to explore the German Alternative Rock underground, than get in touch with the band under: poisonedchild[at]gmx.de