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After the "Fruit Of The Doom" MCD comes the follow-up "Volume". If you have read the review about their first release you know which kind of Rock PO are playing. It's full of very good hooks, the tracks are mostly uptempo and there's a big R'n'R edge in their sound. On "Volume" you find five songs, and to compare it with "F.o.t.D." PLUTONIUM ORANGE haven't lost the trademarks but there's a greater variety on "Volume". Like the slow number "Fruit of the Doom", that's very much in the vein of Las Cruces, Trouble or Solitude Aeturnus. It's a very moody track with tons of heavy riffage and on top you've got this charasmatic vocals.

One of my faves on "Volume" and I hope, that PO are coming up with more songs like this in the future. The other four tracks continue the way of the forerunner in a very good way. Just listen to "When I cut you". It's hard to sit still while listening to it. The production is again very strong and this band is ready for a record deal in the nearest future, I think. Aside of this, it's good to see that in Finland a lot of interesting new bands appear out of the underground. I think, we will hear much more in the future from PLUTONIUM ORANGE, but meanwhile it's up to you to check out the band's website.