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What for a thunderous release from this Finnish band! Maybe the titel leads the die-hard Doom listener into the wrong direction, because PLUTONIUM ORANGE are playing uptempo Rock 'n' Roll, in it's heaviest way.The standard of the songwriting and the musical abilities from this guys are great, and so all four tracks are all pretty awsome. The production is also very powerful and mostly they are playing faster and they know how to create an own atmosphere, filled with a lot of hooks. I must admit, that PO aren't doing anything new in the land of the uptempo Heavy Rock 'n' Roll riffs, but its this energy this band is sending through their amps.

And the melodies, that won't leave my head for days. There's no use in writing about single songs of this promo, just because there's no filler. The vocals are more Metal, but that doesn't mean that the guy is singing very thin or something like this. One thing that's really curious is why these guys aren't having a record contract. It's the right stuff for labels like Lunasound Recordings or People Like You etc. So, PLUTONIUM ORANGE are a very talented band and I'm looking forward to their first full-length.